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Maximum sustained winds had decreased slightly to 60 mph (95 kph). National Civil Police distribute donated clothes to victims of Hurricane Iota queueing at the Chamelecón neighbourhood in San Pedro Sula. A man wades on the road that connects the city of El Progreso, department of Yoro, with the municipality of La Lima, in the Honduran department of Cortes, on Nov. 7, 2020. “The water was rising to the rooftop,” said 25-year-old Ingrid Sanchez, who was rescued along with her two young children from on top of their house by firefighters, who reached them by boat. “We lost everything in our homes,” said 22-year-old Carlos Pineda. Indigenous territories were already under siege from violence, extractive industry and energy projects, tourism development, cattle ranching, and monoculture export crop plantations. People waiting for help on a flooded main road. Fuels a Crisis for Farmers in Mexico. October 31, 2020: Dissipated: November 14, 2020 (Extratropical after November 13) Highest winds: 1-minute sustained: 150 mph (240 km/h) Lowest pressure: 923 mbar ; 27.26 inHg: Fatalities: 189 total; 120 missing: Damage ≥ $6.68 billion (2020 USD) Areas affected The Garifuna diaspora in the U.S. maintains close ties with coastal communities in Central America, and cross-border mutual aid networks offer support in the face of disaster. “Skin complications and respiratory symptoms will be continuous,” said Juan Carlos Arteaga, the Doctors Without Borders team leader in Choloma. Many whose lives have been upended by the recent hurricanes are already considering migrating, including some who’ve begun organising caravans via social media. Aerial view of the flooded Ramon Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro Sula, 240 km north of Tegucigalpa, taken on November 18, 2020 after the passage of Hurricane Iota. Preliminary estimates of the economic loss from Eta ranged from 10 to 20% of GDP, or roughly $2.5 to $5bn (£2-£4bn), and the Iota impact could double those numbers. Nuñez estimates the community lost up to half its traditional dugout canoes used for fishing, and many residents lost subsistence yucca, malanga, plantain, and other crops. Heavily criticised for not ordering evacuations of at-risk areas before Eta, the government broadcast an order days in advance this time. In June 2017, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the accord, but because the accord prevented signatories from giving notice of withdrawal for three years following ratification, the U.S. withdrawal officially occurred right when Eta was bearing down on Central America. “When the rivers swell, they bring contamination and dead animals.”. It was flooded first … The valley surrounding San Pedro Sula – the country’s economic motor and home to about 2 million people – is the hardest hit area in the nation. “There have been 12 murders this year,” Bucardo told The Intercept. The Hurricane Center said Eta was located about 60 miles (95 kilometers) southwest of Canagua, Cuba, Sunday morning and was moving north-northeast at 12 mph (19 kph). It is unlikely Honduras will receive anywhere close to what it needs to rebuild. “It reacted late and made things more chaotic.”. “To me it feels like it just happened today,” said Nuñez, her voice breaking. The Red Cross estimates that 4.2 million people were affected by … While international attention remained focused on the U.S. elections, Hurricane Eta made landfall in northeastern Nicaragua and then proceeded to make its way across Honduras, with severe impacts on Guatemala and other countries in the region as it headed back out to sea and regained hurricane strength before hitting the Florida coast. “It’s really hard to get ahead in this country,” she added, holding her pyjama-clad children tight. Diversions of rivers by oil palm companies in eastern Guatemala exacerbated the flooding, according to Robin Macloni, director of the Defensoría Q’eqchi’, a Maya Q’eqchi’ rights and development organization based in El Estor, 190 miles east of the capital. People remain in a temporary shelter after their homes were flooded due to the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Eta in Morales, north Guatemala City, on Nov. 7, 2020. Just two weeks after Hurricane Eta brought widespread flooding and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, Honduras was battered by a second hurricane, leaving a level of destruction in its wake that rivals the worst natural disasters in the region’s history. ASSOCIATED PRESS. But now, in the wake of Eta, some residents will need to be relocated within the Ngäbe-Buglé comarca, the most populous Indigenous jurisdiction in Panama and one of the country’s most impoverished regions. (Right/Bottom) People who were forced to abandon their homes in the San Pedro Sula Valley due to floods in the aftermath of Hurricane Eta take refuge in a makeshift camp underneath an overpass in Chemelecon on Nov. 7, 2020. In shelters in northeastern Nicaragua, the government confirmed 354 cases of malaria. Before the hurricane and the pandemic hit Honduras, over 60% of Hondurans lived in poverty. Not everyone got advance warning that Eta was headed their way, Bucardo said, and flooded communities are experiencing outbreaks of high fevers and diarrhea. Correction, Dec. 3, 2020: Kurt Ver Beek is a co-founder of the nonprofit Association for a More Just Society in Honduras. Prior to Iota, health problems were already apparent in the shelters. In the face of increasingly frequent extreme weather events and rising sea levels, countries worked together to determine global measures to address and slow down climate change. Photo: Seth Sidney Berry/SOPA/LightRocket/Getty Images. The best way is to migrate.”, Hurricane Iota wreaks havoc across Central America – in pictures, Hurricane Iota has left the Planeta municipality in La Lima, Honduras, submerged in water. Volunteers join the rescue efforts in the Planeta colony in La Lima, Honduras. The National Weather Service warned of life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds, flash floods and landslides across Central America. Many of those migrants who arrived in the US during the immediate aftermath of the hurricane were later granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), which has allowed them to live and work in the country legally, but has been under attack by the Trump administration. This year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been so extreme that the naming of tropical storms ran through the alphabet well before Eta came along. “How are we going to get it back? They get water from the rivers,” he said. Non-Indigenous settlers, some of whom work in tandem with large-scale cattle ranchers, clear-cut sections of the largest remaining tract of tropical rainforest in Central America, their cattle contaminate water sources, and they are often armed and aggressive. The system was expected to approach the Florida Keys and south Florida late Sunday or Monday. Advisory: Hurricane Iota in Honduras | Posted: November 30, 2020 | Updated: November 30, 2020 Disaster Alert: November 25, 2020.

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